3 week diet – GET SET GO!

3 week diet – GET SET GO!

There are about seven and a half billion people living in this world, and almost 45% of them are concerned about their health more than their financials. It is seen that there is a lot of hustle and bustle in people’s life due to excess fats in their body and their cholesterol levels. Well, there is a guaranteed solution to ensure weight loss and burn all those cheese and fats stored in your body. Presenting to you, 3 week diet.

"Diet" Written with Vegetables --- Image by © photocuisine/Corbis

“Diet” Written with Vegetables — Image by © photocuisine/Corbis

The Secret Diet:-

This is a new plan introduced in the market by fitness expert Brian Flatt, with a view to solve the problems of obesity and overweight. Be it an engineer or a doctor, celebrity or a security, if you are facing a threat of cholesterol and obesity to your health, you can eliminate those with this 3 week diet. The diet plan and the blueprint is so ingenious and robust, that you can even shred up to 30 pounds in as short as 21 days. The entire program is divided in four different phases. A lot of junk foods are eaten nowadays, without prior knowledge about its nutrition levels. Even a small pack of fries or chips contain as much calories which is a lot difficult to burn. This causes accumulation of toxicants inside the body, which is very necessary to be removed. Hence the first phase includes detoxification so that all the harmful toxicants and fats are removed from the body. It is done by enhancing and stimulating digestive process inside the body. This also controls bile juice production by the body. This phase lasts up to seven days. The next phase is a difficult one, but also very effective. It includes giving your body a break from utilizing energy in the digestive processes. This can be done by taking a break from food for as much as 24 hours. It is difficult to do for many people, but is proved to be very effective in further cleansing of the body from the fats and other wastes inside the body.


The third phase starts on the 9th day of the entire program. It includes taking meals which are really low in calories, but high in carbohydrates and energy. It also includes intake of more fibrous food stuffs.  This phase lasts only for three days. The last and the final phase of this entire diet plan is the one which actually converts your body into a calorie burning machine. This is divided into 4 manuals, which when practiced and followed in righteous manner, will be really very efficient in burning more calories, than the intake of the calories by your body. This ends the 3 week diet plan, which is proved to be very effective in shredding more fats from your body and making you slimmer. A lot of people are already happy with its results, and even more are on their way by practicing and following this diet plan. So when are you?

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