Boost Your Knowledge About A Popular Game- Clash Of Clans


Boost Your Knowledge About A Popular Game- Clash Of Clans

Are you feeling bored and looking for the efficient recreational source? In today’s era of technology, the best way to entertain you is the playing of MMO games. You may have known to various such games but here I am going to describe the necessary details of one of the popular game that is clash of clans. If you are interested to know about the game then reading of the article is sufficient for you.

How to play the game?

The game has mainly two important things. One is you have to protect your clan from the enemies. The player has to generate their own buildings and units for defence. More the availability of virtual currencies, more units you can produce. The players create the safe walls to defend their buildings.  The second one is the strategies to attack on your enemies. You have to create the army camps and other defence units to kill the opponents who might attack your clan in future. It is the higher level which demands the large amount of virtual currencies.


Why it is the preference of millions of gamers worldwide?

There are some unique features which help to bring the game to fame even when there is availability of various options. It is much simple and easy to play the game. You can get the user guide online to know about all the instructions to win the game. The game can be played to free of cost. There is need of the virtual currencies like gems, gold, elixir and dark elixir to cross higher levels of the game.


The player can purchase these currencies to continue the game by spending the real amount. However, some software has also been introduced to hack the game and add the virtual currencies in the player’s account. Moreover, the game is compatible for all types of the smart phones. The game was initially introduced only for IOS users and later on in 2013, the android version have also been published as per the increased demands of the players. The game supports single and multi media player mode both. So the players are free to play on both simultaneously or any of the player as per choice.

It can be said that no doubt, the game has amazing features which are sufficient to kill the monotony from life.

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