Buying Guide For Chess Pieces and Board


Buying Guide For Chess Pieces and Board

There are several chessboards in the market to the effect that, you might get confused when you go out there to buy one for yourself. Check here for more guidance and what to look for on a chess board. The guide will help you to decide on the type and make of the board you will settle for. If you follow the guide correctly, you will be able to acquire a set that meets your needs. Your search for a chess board should be settled here because the Chess experts have you covered.  rcpb267_lrg

Type of Chess Set

Decide whether you are looking for a club, decorative, club, travel, practical or theme set. If you decide on the decorative type, it will sit well in your library, office or den and colleagues and family members will admire it in equal measures. Heirloom variety belongs in this category. You can also choose on Alabaster and Marble. In most cases, chess sets help in decorating a room and the more decorative it is, the more it becomes the center of attraction in the room. If you decide to go for the practical type, it is normally made of wood which is nicely crafted and it is one that you can use to play on a daily basis. The school, club or tournament type is the one which made of plastic pieces which stand up as harsh treatment. Travel set will come in handy when you want to play chess on the move; it comes with storage, pieces, and a chess board. Theme chess sets are fun to play as they come with a particular theme; it can be blue in the civil war or the Redcoats in the American Revolution.



Price is also a determining factor in your choice of a chess set. They vary in prices and you will have to choose to depend on your budget. It is advisable that you buy a chess set which you can afford and which will last a lifetime and become an heirloom attached with many memories. If you own a beautifully decorated chess, your opponents will view you in awe so the choice is yours which way to go. Don’t stress yourself.

How you match the chess board and the pieces depend on with your taste. Check here for the best chest set matches and choose one for yourself.

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