Buying Guide Forchoosing A TIG Welder


Buying Guide Forchoosing A TIG Welder

When working with metals which are thin and require heat control which is strict, then TIG Welder is he best way to go. This is the reason why it is highly considered for cosmetic applications. Get a cheap TIG welder if you have these types of welding and it will be done smoothly. With the improvement in technology, TIG welding is becoming more popular with more welding which require controlled heat. Make sure you get a quality cheap TIG welder which can be used for various materials.Get a TIG welder if you want high quality performance.  Don’t ever decide on a machine basing your selection on price alone as this might lead to getting a machine which will not meet all your needs. Get to know what to consider before you purchase a TIG welder

The Amperage Range


It is important to consider the amperage when buying a TIG machine. Consider the cost based on the one that can provide the widest amperage. If the machine is smaller, the amp range will reduce the variety of the material which will be used to weld. For flexibility, choose a machine with the range of not less than  5and not more than 230 amps as it will be able to weld from 24 gauge stainless to ¼ thick aluminum. Steel or stainless steel requires less amperage as compared to aluminum. Thickness of the aluminum will be limited if a machine cannot reach 200 amps. It is important to have a wider range in order for machine to accommodate more applications.

DC and AC Welding

Depending on what use you will put your machine on, it is important that it has both AC and DC options. When working with soft materials such as magnesium or aluminum, there is a need to have to switch to AC. When welding metals which are tough, you will need to switch to DC. When the TIG welder’s currency fluctuates from negative to positive when it is on AC. Cleaning of the application happens when it is on the positive while welding happens when it is on the negative. The negative welds while the positive

Low Amperage Welding Performance

The cheap TIG welder you choose should, apart from having wideamperage; the machine should have a good arc stability which should be below 10 amps. If it has this specification, it will provide excellent crater fill, better arc control, and it will be easy to start. Due to the need to have thin material for TIG welding to happen, there is need to know the specifications which will then help you in operating the machine.When finishing the welding, stability is of much importance and it has to be adhered to with all the importance it deserves. If all the guidelines are followed, you  will choose the best machine for yourself.

Just make sure that when you are choosing the cheap TIG welder, you check out for the aforementioned in order to have the best output.

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