How Can I Write My Research Paper?


How Can I Write My Research Paper?

Writing is a research paper is always a difficult task. You will hear everyone, who has done a paper in the past, utter the same thing: research papers takes a lot of time and hard work. While it is true, but it isn’t that difficult a job either because of which you will lose sleep.

Through this article, you will get to know how I do my research paper following these easy steps:

  • Find your topic
    it can be an overwhelming aspect of your research. Once you have selected your topic, 40% of your work is done. The difficulty lies only in starting with your topic and research.
    We suggest that you work on something which you feel deeply about; something that makes you think and something which you can do a lot of reading on.
    There may be many things, so make a list of all those topics.
  • Shortlist the topic.
    Now that you have made a list of all the topics you think you can write on, it is time to break it down to the topics that matter, make sense and help in making a difference in the society. Something which is important will be approved by your professors.
  • Ask yourself the important question.
    Ask yourself why you are doing the research and this could help you in deciding your research question. Ponder over it with your guide and you will soon have yourself the question that will lead you towards the end of the research paper.


  • Finding and reading the right resources.
    The tough part is over. The next comes reading and solving the problem which your research question highlights. Ask you professors and guides to refer some great books and journals based on which you can formulate your research paper.
    Although you will get numerous names, you also need to do your own finding. Go through journals and articles on your topics, but before making them the base of your paper, make sure they are credible works. One suggestion to keep in mind is that the work should not be too old either, if your paper is based on communication, society or the human behavior and other areas as such.
  • Make the outline.
    Make an outline of how your paper should look like. It is like a blueprint of a construction of a building before it is built in order to give the architect and builders the idea about what the end product will look like.
    Your outline should only give the details about the main and important parts of your paper, including all the headings, subheadings, and content written in bullets so that it is easy to follow.
    Always refer to this outline while framing your paper.
  • Writing intro, body and conclusion
    Start filling in the gaps of your outline with actual content. The introduction to your paper will contain the ideas and motivation behind selection of your research topic and question. The introduction mainly consists of data that backs up your choice and answers the question: “why you chose the topic/ why it connects to you?”
    The body will have the researches that you have acquired or done or collected by reading papers or conducting experiments yourself.
    The conclusion will have the answer to whether your question was answered by the research you conducted or not.


  • Final draft.
    Your first draft is ready. Give it a read and let it sit on your desk for a few days and eliminate all the thoughts regarding your paper. Once that is done, give your paper another read. This will let you have a fresh look on your paper, helping you make edits which you may have not paid heed to in the last time you read it.
    Be your own critic!
  • Submission!
    The deadline is here and your paper is also ready to be submitted!

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