Can You Escape?


Can You Escape?

In this monotonous and humdrum life of ours, we look for anything we can to fill it up with excitement. In this age and time, there is no shortage of things and places to keep us entertained. There are clubs, cafes malls and restaurants to keep us busy and entertained. But even amidst all the cafes and clubs and dinner parties, we often crave for something new. We often find ourselves reminiscing the childhood memories of us and our friends, playing together in teams and having the best of times with laughter and excitement.

Whenever you are watching a suspense movie, and there are a group of friends trapped in a place with nowhere to run , but the only way out is if  they apply their brain and look for a way out, how many of us amuse at the thought of us being there in a real life scenario? We can admit that it does sound a bit fun and thrilling.  Well, escape room, Singapore has come up with a whole new real life escape room setting which you can be in. you can even say that his escape room is a means of escaping your humdrum and boring life.


Basically, escape room is a game setting, where a team of five to six people are put up in a room and they have to find their way out through finding secret passageways and clues that can get them out of there. This team building Singapore activity not only builds great bonds with your team mates, but also gives you a platform to put that analyzing and mind solving brain of yours to use.

Escape rooms are available in various themes to choose from according to your preferences. For example, if your choosing a horror theme, you’ll have to find your way out of s slightly scary room and you will be encountered with zombies even. This sure is bound to leave you in fits of laughter. We all have been a fan of haunted house as kids, imagine how fun escaping from a haunted room can be by applying your puzzle solving brain. The first team which gets out of the room is declared the winner of the game. This competitive game is a fun way to exercise both your body and mind, along with building your team and leadership skills.


They have kids of seven years to people as old the kid’s grandmothers taking part in the game. This is extremely safe and takes place in a supervised environment. The game play is of sixty minutes, which is the highest among any game play offered in the same category. They have a wide variety of categories which are both catchy and interesting, and are related to the most awesome movies. The gory themes include Friday, the 13th or world war z, where you might even have to encounter some zombies. Other themes include Hansel and Gretel; the witch’s lair. One of the most popular themes has taken up with one of the most inspiring movies: Hunger Games.

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