Choosing Your Mc Servers


Choosing Your Mc Servers

Before we begin with the list of MC servers, we want to provide a brief game introduction for you. In Minecraft, there are about two different dimensions aside from the main world; these dimensions are called Nether and End. The Nether dimension is a hell like place that can be accessed with the help of any player-built portals that offers a ton of resources that the players can use in travelling long distances within the over world. On the other hand, the End is only a barren wasteland where a powerful dragon resides; the dragon is called the Ender dragon and is also considered as the boss dragon.

All in all, the game contains four game modes called survival, creative, adventure and spectator. As with any game, players can also choose from four different kinds of difficulties; the easiest of these is called peaceful and doesn’t allow hostile creatures to spawn. But if you’re dead set on looking for MC Servers, then we have some amazing servers for you.

Mine Craft PE Servers


Mine Craft PE Servers is a website that offers an amazing list of Mineraft Servers that you can try. Here are a few of the said servers:

Chicken Craft

  • so what can you see in Chicken Craft? They offer multiple mini games, various fun activities and for any concerns you can immediately contact the administrators through their KiK accounts. Some of their plug-ins includes Economy, Multi World, Mines, PvP, Fractions, Broadcast and Multi World. The administrators have also set up a rewards system for their monthly voter, they’ll be given the creative mode. Players can vote and donate to gain other amazing items like game money and even ranks.
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Mystic Angel Craft

  • included in the highest ranks on the list alongside a 97% uptime, its tags include Adventure, Creative and Survival. In this server, players can roleplay, build, choose from mini games and more. All players will start off with an inventory of $20,000 to $25,000 and continue increasing the said budget by gaining experience. There are shops where you can purchase items and even blocks for building, It’s an all out role playing game where you can adopt babies, or go to school as teenagers and even earn money by getting a job as simple waiter all the way up to being a professional doctor. Out of the numerous mini games, the best one would be capture the flag.

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