Choosing The Best Painting Services In Singapore


Choosing The Best Painting Services In Singapore

In order to choose the best painting services in singapore, one must factor in certain details before making a decision. In order to help you make an informed decision, here are a list of tips that will help to ease the task :


  • Protective Coverings for your furniture: Make sure that the company you have picked provides you with protective plastic painting covers to avoid any paint damaging and ruining your furniture and other household items. See to it that the protective coverings are brand new. Also, brand new plastic wraps are the most suitable, as compared to newspapers or used bedsheets, as they are the closes guarantee to avoid bringing in any bacteria from other surroundings.


  • Touch Up: Before commencing the painting or re-painting, make sure that the walls are even. In case of any uneven surfaces, request the painter to smoothen the surface with the help of sandpaper. Moreover, holes and cracks on walls should be patched up using high quality putty before painting.
  • Brushes and Rollers: The equipment used in painting should be of a brand-new and good quality. In case of using old and used paintbrushes and rollers, the painter runs the risk of shifting the residual paint from the previous work onto the new wall.
  • Cost and Quality: It is important to research on the costs and quality of paint that will be utilized. To avoid being overcharged for services, ask for the service charge from a couple of different companies. Upon quoting your price, also make sure that the paint being used is of good quality. Good quality paint is also a deciding factor for the overall outcome of the painting process. Research shows that the best paint options in Singapore are Nippon and Dulux. Go to their website for further information about the colours and palettes they offer.

Keeping these tips in mind, one may easily be able to make an informed research. However, to narrow down the search, here is a list of some of the well-reputed painting services in Singapore:

  • Painter : This painting company has received wide appreciation for its prompt customer services and value for money. It is a reliable source since there are no hidden costs and maximum precision and dedication in the work that is carried out. One may expect the painting cost of a 5 room HDB flat to be around 800-1600 SGD. They also carry out painting work in commercial buildings in addition to residential flats.


  • Colour Creative Painting Service : This painting company boasts of a two-decade experience in the painting service. This is enough proof of the reviews that the company has gained for its reliable and affordable services.
  • Galaxy Painters : Galaxy Painters offer both painting, as well as, waterproofing services. They are able to work even on surfaces like metal, concrete, timber and so on.
  • City Painters : Apart from providing painting services, City Painters was also focused on general maintenance and repair work. Starting even as early as 1975, they are one of the oldest companies in Singapore and guarantee the service of dedicated workers.

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