Emotional Support Animal Prescription Letter


Emotional Support Animal Prescription Letter

An emotional support is any kind of pet that provides emotional support to his or her owner who has been diagnosed with any form of emotional disability. The emotional disability might be the cause of everyday lives for those who have them, this is the reason why some doctors and physicians give their patients withan animal prescription letter. Animal prescription letters or specifically service dog letter is a document that states specifically that the bearer of the said document can bring his or her pet anywhere since the pet is prescribed by a doctor.


Qualifications to have an Emotional Support Animal

Having emotional disability is one of the qualifications for obtaining emotional support animal prescription from a doctor. This emotional disability covers anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD, personality disorder, and any other psychological disorder. A doctor will have to assess a patient’s condition and provide a diagnosis. The doctor will be the person who can determine if a patient is qualified to have an emotional support animal. There are also institutions which provide tests which evaluate a person’s emotional state. The answers to the test will be assessed by a licensed therapist then the therapist will provide the prescription.

Advantages of having a Service Dog Letter


There are times that airlines, hotels, or apartments do not allow the presence of pets. However, if a person has a service dog letter, he or she can bring his or her pet anywhere. You can be accompanied by your dog in airplanes and the dog does not have to be caged, providing that he will not harm other passengers. You can also bring the pet to hotels that do not allow pets. These advantages will ensure that you are well taken care of all the time.

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