How do you feel when you follow the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide?

How do you feel when you follow the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide?

From 2008, Kayla Itsines has been a successful trainer for women. As she worked with women every day, she realised that most women wanted the ‘bikini body’, that is a body that can be flaunted even in a bikini. The toned body like an hour glass has been a dream for almost all women globally. Kayla Itsines helps women to achieve this dream.

What does the Guide tell you?

Kayla Itsines is inspiring women with her 12 week Bikini Body Guide Programme which tells of eating healthy and clean, to avoid fat and to exercise daily for 30 minutes. The book also tells girls around the globe that training heavily isn’t always the best way but eating healthy and exercising freely regularly will give you a much better life and figure. The book talks about all kinds of exercises from stretching to the cardiovascular muscles movements. This book also tells women what kind of exercises shall be fit or her body and what kind of food intake is necessary to be done. The Kayla Itsines reviews confirm that this book has been effective in nature.

What is a woman’s experience when she follows this guide?

A woman when she starts following this book should have a practice of daily exercises else she needs to warm up her body to be able to take the pressure. The Kayla Itsines reviews say that the first 4 weeks as mentioned in the guide will make your body more flexible. From the second session of week 5 to 8, the exercises become strenuous sometimes and the time of it increases like both hours during the day and the night. The final results are observed in the last week when you can notice a huge change in yourself and other people notice the same too.

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