How to get bigger buttocks?

How to get bigger buttocks?

Trending craze for a slim body and perfect body shape has been increasing among both the genders. But many are looking out for gaining weight in certain body parts to get a perfect and a sexy figure.

Specially girls with a skinny body, who are looking out for weight gain but without making the body look bulky, the best way is to gain weight in the buttocks. The main question which arises is “ how to get bigger buttocks?”. Is it only by consuming calories?. Here is an answer and a solution to your question.


Ways to get bigger buttocks:

The rate of gaining weight for a body though greatly depends on the genetics, but healthy food in proper proportion, along with certain exercise, yoga poses will help gaining weight for your buttocks. And of course certain tactics of dressing along with diet and exercise play a great role in getting bigger buttocks.

  1. Right amount of protein containing food.
  2. Exercise and yoga poses to target and strengthen butt muscles.
  3. Dressing tactics.

Foods containing protein should be added to your daily food. Foods containing mixed nuts, peanut butter, sweet potatoes, lean beef, tofu, cottage cheese, veggies, legumes should be made compulsory in the daily diet.

Adding calories to the diet in such a way that it is not converted into sugars.

Peanut butter should be made a must for breakfast or snacks accompanied by dairy products.

Another most important part is intake of plenty of water.

Just eating plenty of food won’t give your butt a fit and toned look. Instead it may so happen that the calories you intake may be transferred to other body parts also other than your butt. This will just make you look fat and bulky. Hence it is very important to exercise daily along with intake of proteins. Our butt is a muscle i.e gluteal muscle. In order to make your butt firm, toned and bigger, there are a few exercises we need to workout. Warm up exercises or just jogging for 10 mins everyday before starting with the exercise is a good practice. Squats , lunges , climbing stairs, and a few yoga poses helps to open up your hips and make ur butt look big. Reclined bound angle pose, frog pose, happy baby pose are a few yoga poses that really help to open up your hips. Just one exercise won’t help you get good results, so try doing 3-4 types of exercises daily. And increase the repetitions or the cycles of exercise everyday according to your capacity. Don’t try doing everything at a time. Make sure that you perform each exercise or the yoga poses properly with proper postures. For this you may seek information from a gym trainer or a yoga trainer. You can try out squats with weights under the guidance of gym traineer.

Another way to make your butt look bigger is by getting a toned belly. Not abs but just a flat toned belly will do.

The above 2 important aspects will definitely help you get a bigger, toned, firm and a sexier butt. But the way you present yourself makes a large difference. A few dressing tactics which will really get out the best of your looks and your body shapes are listed below:


  • Try to concentrate on your waist. Dress up in such a way that ur waist is highlighted and is well defined. This will make you look thinner near the waist or your belly and in turn give a nice bulky look for your butt.
  • Avoid wearing loose jeans or pants. Wear a skinny fit jeans but with proper fitting according to your body measurements.
  • While wearing a dress, make sure that you wear a dress such that it has a good fitting at your waist line.
  • Wear jeans or trousers which has pockets at the butt position i.e rear pockets.
  • For girls wearing high heel sandals will make a difference too.
  • Wearing padded inner wears or underwears is another way of getting bigger buttocks artificially.

The most important thing is patience, practice and hardwork. If you follow all these rules and workout daily you will surely see the results. But all you require is patience and hardwork. After all “ you need to spend something , to get something”. So get set go. Get sexier buttocks and a confident life.

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