Health Aspects OF E-CIGARETTES AND Vaping

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Health Aspects OF E-CIGARETTES AND Vaping

E-cigarettes are a great help to cigarette smokers as they have helped to bring down the level of these chain smokers. E-cigarettes contain nicotine but do not cause any smoke to occur, which has helped in improving the health conditions of many according to reports. They are less harmful than ordinary cigarettes and also serve as an important measure to quit smoking. Smoking is a dangerous habit that affects the lungs as the smoke damages the internal organs of man. Apart from addiction, it damages the physical health of the smoker. But with e-cigarettes, people are able to move away from the addiction and even quit the habit. The non smoke effect of vaping has also helped to reduce the ill effects of the smoke on the environment. Teenagers who have got into the habit of e-cigarettes are trapped into the grip of nicotine. But research also shows that teenagers who have developed this habit would have been smokers in any case or are people who are already in the grip of cigarette smoking. There are many regulations against cigarette smoking but considering that e-cigarettes have helped people get out of the smoking habit has made them rethink about the e-cigarettes and the smoking community.e liquid

Liquids Used in the e-cigarettes

E-cigarettes are generally composed of nicotine, water, Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. These e liquids are filled into clearomizer tanks which are containers to hold the liquid inside the e-cigarettes. When the battery is switched on, the liquids are converted into vapor and then transferred through wicks into the mouth of the e-cigarettes and inhaled by the user. The user fills the liquid according to his need of nicotine which may be high, low or medium or may even contain no nicotine. The PG and VG levels are also determined by the user. If the user wants heavy fragrance he can use more of PG and if he wants thick vapor with a smooth consistency on the throat, he can use more of VG content. Though these liquids are not considered very bad to the health of the user, the long-term effect of the liquid on the user is not known. With the abolition of smoking cigarettes in public places and closed spaces, e-cigarettes have climbed up in usage. E liquid is generally used according to the preference of the user. The flavor content and nicotine level are generally found suspended in the PG level and such users give preference to PG liquid to be used higher. VG gives thickness to the vapor but may damage the coil in the container. Each has their own pros and cons. You can try combinations of your own before settling into a definite pattern. You will also have to watch out for dryness in the throat as certain combinations affect the water content in the mouth.e liquidUsers generally like different levels of the liquid and various combinations of flavor. However there are no fixed proportions and users tend to determine each component according to their taste.

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