Highest Thc Strains – Find Out The New Record Holder


Highest Thc Strains – Find Out The New Record Holder

Would you like to enhance your knowledge about highest thc strains and the record holder? Would you like to know about the factors which do have a huge influence on THC level in any strain? Are you willing to know to about such huge demand of cannabis weeds in recent times? It is not tough at all to find out many such important queries associated with Cannabis weeds. These weeds are in huge demand especially after made legal by numerous countries. There are certain awards like Cannabis cups which motivates the growth of strains with increased THC level. Do you remember THC level of strongest weed of the world last year? Well you don’t need to find the answer as the level will certainly change this year and it will get better.

I am sure, you guys must be thinking about exact reasons or factors which are responsible for the increasing THC levels. There are certain factors which contribute a lot like environmental conditions and growing techniques. We can certainly be assured of growing techniques as they are improving with the passage of time.  With advanced machinery, it now becomes possible to take better care of the weeds which results in high THC percentage. Another crucial factor is genetics. Most of the highest thc strains are the genetics of two or more strains. Cultivators keep on experimenting with the genetics of these weeds and have they have attained some marvelous outcomes. When you search online, you are presented with a fine example of hybrid weeds.


One data point which reflects the true rankings of strains is THC potency. THC potency is lab tested so there is nothing like false assumptions. If you are the guy who really desires to enjoy the knockout punch which will easily get you high, surely you are at the right place. We do have some nice examples to share about hybrid weeds that will act as top contenders of strongest weeds in the world.

In order to start with we would love to mention Emperor Cookie Dough. This particular weed is a cross between Girl Scout cookies and Emperor OG.  It is a rare strain which has been to cross 30% THC threshold. Well, don’t get amazed as you can definitely expect higher THC % in coming years. One can also take the example of Kamasutra which a perfect hybrid of Karma OG and rockstar. This breed is good enough to attain 25%THC level.


We are not short of the examples of hybrid weeds which has completely rocked the world with huge THC potency. If you desire to enjoy an awesome punch, you must not waste a moment and look for a weed which suits your body type. Just be selective and take the assistance of a health expert before selecting the weed. There are also many examples of highest thc strains available online along with reviews which will only guide you in right direction.

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