What To Look For When You Purchase Pure Authentic Forskolin


What To Look For When You Purchase Pure Authentic Forskolin

Plectranthus Barbatus is a plant from which Forskolin is extracted. The extracts of this plant have proven to possess qualities that help to remove belly fat and lose overall weight. Over the years, this has been used famously as a cure for chest pain and high blood pressure. However, it was only in recent times that the extracts from the root of Forskohlii plant have been discovered to possess weight-loss capabilities.

Understanding the need for weight loss in a world where being over-weight is increasingly being held responsible for various other diseases, this very supplement that brings desired results is finding itself under the names of various supplements manufactured by a number of companies. This article seeks to guide the consumer and help him/her purchase pure authentic Farskolin.


Basic components to look for when buying Forskolin supplements are:

  • The supplement should overall have a minimum concentration of at least 10% of the pure extract from the Forskohlii plant.
  • The capsule should have about 250mg per capsule
  • The most trusted brands to buy from are based in the USA
  • Avoid buying any products that contain binders or preservatives as they threaten the authenticity of the capsules.

To narrow down your search for the most authentic supplement out of the hundreds that parade themselves as the real deal, here are a few of the top-rated Forskolin products :

  • Forkskolin250:

Rated as one of the best, this product prides itself in having 20% of pure forkskolin and 250mg per capsule. This meets the aforementioned requirement of minimum authentic and organic extract. It also boasts of 60 capsules, making it one of the most generous options for the weight loss journey. This product, that is manufactured in the US, claims to be 100% natural thus, making it difficult to go wrong with the supplement. In addition, there are no added preservatives, taste enhancers, salt, sugar and so on.

  • Forkskolin Fit Pro :

Deemed by many reviewers as the most effective option for weight loss, this product shows a variety of desirable factors including the minimum requirements of 20% pure extract and 250mg capsules. The bottle also holds a generous dosage of 60 capsules and is made in the US. According to the raving reviews it has received, many claim that it has effectively been able to boost metabolism and put off fat for a longer time without any negative side effects.
However, it may be useful to include that some of the side effects such as throat irritation, low blood pressure and stinging eyes are common among the consumers.


  • Forskolin by Cardiovascular Research :

This is a popular option and the authentic product can be obtained online at sites such as SvansonVitamins.com. The bottle also has a 60-day supply of capsules, as the directions on the bottle recommend a dosage of one pill a day. The totally price comes to approximately 20USD and offers all the recommended minimum quantities within this price range.

  • Coleus Forskohlii by Enzymatic Therapy : A television favourite, this product has gained fame through television and is well-reputed in terms of its’ effectiveness. For 25.50USD, the product supplies 60 pills. However, the concentration of these pills is such as that the dosage for one day is two pills. Guaranteed authentic product from this brand can be found at the official website of Enzymatic Therapy.

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