All You Need To Know About Military Grade Flashlight


All You Need To Know About Military Grade Flashlight

A military grade flashlight is an advanced flashlight which is normally used by emergency services, armed forces, security companies and government bodies.  It is a flashlight which is more robust and powerful than the other type which are used for recreational purposes. The term flashlight is used in North America while in the UK it is normally referred as a torch. So if you are searching for it for online purchase, you can use both terms in order to enhance the range of possibilities. supernova-guardian-1300-professional-series-ultra-bright-rechargeable-tactical-led-flashlight-1476118753

Specs of The Military Grade Flashlight

  • Brightness

The brightness of the military grade flashlight is measured in Lumen, which refers to the amount of visible light which is emitted by the torch. Most of them emit in Lumens of between 100 – 500 Lumens but they can go up to 1000 Lumen

  • Power Source: The flashlight uses LEDs as the power source due to the fact that, this type of light has a longer lifespan as compared to the regular bulbs and they don’t require every now and then replacement.surefire-p2x-fury-dual-output-led-light-1465667417
  • Brightness

Depending on the requirements, the military grade flashlight will produce different brightness and power saving modes. When on power saving mode, it might be at 50 Lumen; at normal mode, it might emit 200 Lumens up to 600 Lumens.

  • Batteries

Unlike other ordinary batteries, the military grade flashlight is normally unconventional as compared to the ordinary torch batteries. The versions used include CR123A, 18650, and 16340.

  • Size

The military grade flashlight is normally large in size due to the need for a larger battery and high power which are normally used in arduous conditions and thus the need for a more vigorous outer body

  • Lifespan

LEDs normally last for over 100,000 hours, making them the best when you are going out for camping. The lifespan of the battery will depend with the use and how many LEDs are used. In general, it can last between 2 -6 hours without the need to recharge.

  • Materials

The outer layer is made of strong aluminum, which is normally classified as aircraft grade aluminum. They come in handy due to their lightweight but strong measures. They are also waterproof.

  • Light Colored

It comes with different colored beams with red being useful when in darker environments and thus not disturbing night vision.

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