Pestemal: A Traditional Turkish Towel

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Pestemal: A Traditional Turkish Towel

Pestemal is a woven fabric that used to cover the body in hammam or shower, or wrapped from the waist to forestall defilement of garments while working. At the same time, pestemal is the customary Turkish towel. The convention of pestemal meets these days with the contemporary impression of creation and configuration, keeping up in the meantime its bona fide attributes.

Hand-lingered from amazing cotton, cloth and bamboo, Pestemals are anything but difficult to perfect, lightweight and extremely adaptable.

The high dampness assimilation, the capacity to dry quick, the antibacterial traits and their fragile surface, makes them a flat out must have for all seasons.

mediterranean-bath-towels (1)

Pestemal Stores and Franchise

The Brand Concept Store is situated in the recorded focal point of Athens, Plaka in Athens.

The primary establishment Pestemal Concept Store, opened in May 2016 in Rhodes and the organization focuses to extend significantly in the nearby establishment market amid the up and coming years. Discover more about establishment here.

Likewise, in May 2016, the main Pestemal Box Store opened at Varkiza Resort, trying to make the items effectively available at the beachside zones.

Why use Pestemal items?

  • Made out of cotton, which has dependable surface and common sparkle, is to a great degree permeable and is unfathomably delicate.
  • Made out of Bamboo. Bamboo is a tree, which develops in the Far East and has antibacterial qualities. Aside from keeping the development of microorganisms, bamboo is known for its high dampness assimilation, great porousness and reversibility. It is additionally eco-accommodating and normal. Bamboo pestemals permit the body to inhale all the more effectively and due to their antistatic nature they don’t adhere to the body.

Cotton Pestemal

Cotton Turkish towel pestemal is best due to being normal, hygienic, profoundly penetrable, antistatic, headstrong and absorbent.By the reason of expanding the interests of individuals to characteristic substances, cotton pestemal keeps up its allure and utilized increasingly and more. Best bona fide Turkish cotton pestemals. 100% carefully assembled and regular colored.


Linen Pestemal

Material Turkish towel pestemal is exceptionally strong and dustproof. The shade of cloth pestemal does not blur under the sun. It gives solace and accommodation the surface of delicate, spongy and build up tissue. Linen pestemal mirrors the light because of the capacity of the splendor and therefore gives coolness.

Bamboo Pestemal

Bamboo Turkish towel pestemals have a high perseverance against soluble, corrosive growths. They additionally mostly secure against bright (UV) rays. They are eco-accommodating, natural and natural. Bamboo pestemals, permits the body to inhale all the more effectively. Attributable to hostile to static component it doesn’t adhere to the body.

Silk Pestemal Fouta

These days, the silk has again figured out how to draw in light of a legitimate concern for individuals which goes to the present by disappearing from a trip a large number of years. Fouta towel is an exceptionally uncommon sort of Turkish shower towel woven with silk yarn. Fouta towels are the interesting items has been favored by an awesome society from Ottoman Sultans to the general population of the present day age in view of being silk, lightweight, greatly solid and its exquisite image. The silk towel fouta is likewise extremely reasonable for utilizing as silk shawl, shoreline pareo, silk table cloths and home embellishment things.

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