Pokémasters, it’s time: Gotta catch ‘em all!

Pokémasters, it’s time: Gotta catch ‘em all!

The world is caught in a storm again, but no, it’s not an issue about Donald Trump or Brexit or climate changes! It’s what caused waves several years ago on the Cartoon Network, it’s Pokémon Go! By bringing this really cool and free-to-play concept of combining reality with digital arena of Pokémon; Niantic, Inc. have made sure that there will be no couch-potatoes now! The game, which is available for both iOS and android and makes use of GPS and camera, has allowed the users to enter the virtual world of Pokémon, while making them rush to various real-life locations in order to search and capture Pokémon and hatch eggs!3-Screenshot-of-Pokemon-GO As Pokémasters around the world are getting involved, the level of competitions had drastically increased! Everyone wishes to catch rare Pokémon and own Gyms. But then, it is not that easy, is it? Therefore, here are some Pokémon Go cheats to help you advance fast, smoothly and effortlessly!

Pokémon Go has a simple rule: To catch precious Pokémon, enter into combats, take over Gyms. Now for this, you simply need to walk, run, cycle, and drive, or, you can find a shortcut to avoid roaming around unwillingly. In order to hatch eggs, the trainer needs to complete a certain distance, which can also be done by fooling your GPS, by sticking your mobile phone or device to some rotating or moving object like an automatic vacuum cleaner, fan or even your pet. Well, if you want your phone in a good condition later, you may want to secure and strap it there properly! A less risky option is to constantly move your phone around home or workplace to give GPS an idea that your trainer is actually walking! But hey, if you really want rare Pokémon, you’ll have to reach special regions- water bodies, meadows, hills and mountains- by yourself.5jpg-9b270c_765w

Now, everyone wishes to get themselves a Pikachu at the very beginning, just like Ash did! And for this, all you need is patience. Deny all other Pokémon that the game offers initially (Squirtle , Bulbasaur and Charmander). Just get out on your journey and after some time, either you will be offered a Pikachu or you will spot one!

To attract other exciting Pokémon, you can use the Incence or Lure Module items. Application of these items can be spotted by pink petals that make Pokéstops the spots of finding lured Pokémon!

To win Gym combats, it would be a fair idea to join teams with your friends, so that your rivals lose quickly.

There are several Pokémon Tool hacks provided on the Internet, and that, you can explore, but at your own risk, as the developers of the game have made sure of its security. There is also a Fake Location Spoofer application and a Location Faker application to lessen you efforts.

But remember, shortcuts only reduce the sheer joy of playing the game properly by the long way. So, consider this before going for the cheats!

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