How Post Natal Massage Helps

How Post Natal Massage Helps

When a woman is pregnant, she will hear her complaining of all types of discomforts. These include swollen feet and legs,  and high level of anxiety. These changes impact on all body systems of the woman, making it necessary for her to have a post natal massage when she gives birth. The physical effect on the growing fetus in her uterus takes the highest toll on her.  Apart from those above, there are other physiological levels, which affect the woman such as increased blood pressure and hormonal imbalances. Postnatal-Massage-5

Prenatal massage helps with the discomforts that are experienced before the birth of the baby, especially the back pain which is commonly caused by the position of the fetus in the uterus due to the change in the abdominal cavity. This makes the low back to experience pressure which can only be eased by prenatal massage.  The muscle contraction due to the mother’s body producing the relaxing hormone, which is responsible for preparing the pelvis to widen for delivery also causes muscle pains in the surrounding areas.        Areas which are generally affected include the head, legs, and arms. With a prenatal massage, this pain will

After birth, it is important to do a postnatal massage as it helps the uterus to go back to its original position before accommodating the baby. During the massage, whoever is performing it will confirm if the uterus is firm. By rubbing it, any afterbirth residues which might be remaining there will be expelled out.

The postnatal massage immediately after birth also helps reduce bleeding. Though it might be painful, clots, amniotic fluid, placenta and other fragments are expelled during the process. The first time it is done in the hospital after delivery, you might be injected with Pitocin in your leg through IV. If your bleeding is heavier than necessary or you pass large clots, the injection might be done through a suppository. Once you stabilize, fewer postnatal massages are done in 24 hours to check if there are any potential bleeding complications.

Massages after birth are good as they help the caregiver to know if you are safe or in any sort of danger.  From there, the health worker will know if you are healthy enough to carry yourself and your baby. Though the uterus, with time, does shrink it back to normal, it at times needs some encouragement to do that.

Postnatal massage can be done by different professionals. Apart from doctors, midwives can do it perfectly well. It is one of the procedures which is cost effective, comfortable, and noninvasive.  To make it more relaxing, you can lay down flat and relax your ABS. As you proceed with the slow touch, the uterus tightens, and you feel less and less pain as you continue.  With these simple postnatal massages, you might just prevent hemorrhage.

General advice about postnatal massage is, continue doing it for the first few weeks after delivery to ease the pain of the contracting uterus. Seek the help of a professional so that you do it right.

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