A Random Neopet Dailies That You Can Try

A Random Neopet Dailies That You Can Try

The Neopet game is perfect for those who want to play games that are similar to tamagotchi; games that have no difficult tasks that you need to overcome, no demanding tournaments and something that would involve taking care of virtual pets. Neopets Dailies are the daily games or activities offered by the Neopet games for players who want to earn money or better prizes for free. What you have to do and where you have to go in order to meet the requirements of the daily mission depends on the dailies itself.

Keep in mind that Neopets Dailies are offered once a day so in case you failed today then you can always try tomorrow. Neopets Dailies are a great way to earn unexpected and free prizes for the virtual pet that you care for dearly. After all, you did spend a considerable amount of time designing the pet and choosing its features. Keep in mind that there are a numerous dailies to chose from but not all dailies will be available to you right away; some dailies require levels, some money while others would require you to unlock certain before you can gain full access.

Wheel of Excitement

As the name states, you have your turn at one exciting spin on the cute and faerie themed wheel  but it will cost you around 500 NP; remember that the wheel can give you amazing prices as well as horror. The Wheel of Excitement can generally be spun every two hours, but if you have the ‘Right Round Round Round boon’ then you are allowed to spin twice every two hours.


The prizes that you’ll earn will depend on where the needle on the wheel points to, so it’s just a matter of luck once you’re brave enough to try.

  • Lightning Bolt – all the neopets that you own will lose half of their health.
  • The Pant Devil – the Pant Devil will steal a single random item.
  • 20,000 – the player will receive 20,000 alongside side an avatar in case it’s their first time winning.
  • Pink shining potion with clouds –the player earns a random magic potion which includes morphing potions as well as bottled faeries.
  • Lock and lock hole – you will receive absolutely nothing.
  • Skull and Bones – all active pets will receive Chickaroo.
  • Dark faerie – again, you will receive nothing.

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