Why ShowBox is popular Worldwide?

Why ShowBox is popular Worldwide?

I am sure you might have used both ShowBox and Chromecast, but how about using both these apps together. If you are interested in trying them together, keep reading and you will get to know how amazing it would be to use this application. ShowBox is an application from South Korean company which offers its users with movie streaming. Within no time, the application has managed to become a lot popular surprisingly because the app is free and also it has the best collection of movies for the users. If we talk about Chromecast, it has been brought forth by the famous company i.e. Google. With this, you can plug the device right on to your TV and then gain instant access to applications like Netflix and Hulu.mobile_screen


Before you actually take a step forward to use both Chromecast and ShowBox together, following pre-requisites are required to be taken;

  1. You are required to have three apps downloaded on your device or the system.
  2. Make sure that ShowBox is downloaded on the device or has been set to download for users to use it.
  3. The next step is to download Allcast Premium which is available in the Google Play Store. This application is not available for free and can be availed at a rate of USD 4.99.
  4. Before you proceed further, make sure that you have completely downloaded the applications and nothing has been left in between.
  5. The last thing you are required to have is GrowBox APK. Avail it from the Google Play store and make sure that it is downloaded completely. If in case, the download is left incomplete it might slow down the whole process.

Combine the two powerhousesmovie-box-install

Get ready to see the combination of both ShowBox and Chromecast and keep following the steps mentioned below;

  1. Ensure that the Chromecast stick is plugged on with working internet connection for using both ShowBox and Chromecast. It would be good if connection can be established with the same internet connection.
  2. Open the ShowBox application on your phone and then look for the movie on the search tab of app. The movie option would be listed, make sure that you select the one for which streaming option is available.
  3. If in case you chose a movie without streaming, then it will slow down the whole process and make the process quite slow.
  4. Once a movie is selected, a pop window will appear on the screen. User will have to select the options i.e. “use internet player” and then “Watch now”.
  5. Then open Allcast which is followed by selecting Chromecast in it. If you have opted for a movie which has streaming available, then you would be able to see the movie working on your TV.

Thus above mentioned are the steps which users are required to carry out to make both the products work together.

Benefits of using both ShowBox and Chromecast

While to most of the users it would seem that using these apps involves a lot of steps, but it would be interesting to know that what benefits can be availed using them.

  • The complete set up will not cost you more than 50 bucks, which includes all the downloads and also using both the apps.
  • You will be able to watch all your favorite movies for free, without having to pay any kind of subscription fee. So, users need not have to put any stress on their pockets and keep enjoying the best collection of movies.
  • For users who are ok paying subscription fees, they will be able to have access to YouTube and keep watching their favorite videos using Chromecast.

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