Showbox : The Theatre Nearest To You

Showbox : The Theatre Nearest To You

Maybe you missed out on a movie night at the theatres or getting ready for the next season of Game of Thrones. Whatever your reason is, this app is made for you. Recently, Netflix has been launched in India, giving it a boost to the top of the app stores for android and iOS platforms. Netflix DOES have to be paid for with a monthly or yearly subscription fee, however, there is an alternative for those of us who want to access the same movies and TV shows without shelling out some money. The answer to your prayers is an app making the rounds called ‘ShowBox’.


What exactly is the official description of this app? As the website for the app states it is a “free movies and TV shows streaming app for Android. It is regarded as one of the best free Android apps as it allows users to watch movies in HD for free.” The app streams movies and shows to your mobile or tablet for viewing, however, it can also be used with Google’s Chromecast plug-in. Basically, using Chromecast allows the video being played to transfer onto a bigger screen such as your TV. While the description doesn’t mention it, the app has recently been released for iOS as well as installation on a plethora of other wide number of devices. The app has spread its base to include the Kindle Fire, Mac Book, PC, and as mentioned before, Chromecast.

Users of this app have reported large satisfaction regarding their usage of this app. Others remain sceptics of such a good offer that seems too good to be true. Accusations of viruses being installed stem from the seemingly “shady” application process. Of course there would be concerns as the app needs to be side-loaded into the device. In the process of installation users are asked to allow ‘Unknown Sources’ to download apps. This, however, is no cause for concern. It simply means that as Show Box is not available for download on the traditional app markets. After this it is as simple as clicking a link and letting it install. From there it is directly ready to be used on your device for instant streaming.


The app itself boasts of a clean interface, with the same features as a certain similar service. Options are also included in ‘Show Box” which is otherwise unavailable for use in other services. An example would be the ability to download a movie or episode to your phone for use without an internet connection. Changes of streaming quality are also provided with a selection ranging from Low, Medium, and High depending on internet signal strength. Subtitles can also be added according to your preference.

All in all, after considering the alternatives, ‘Show Box’ sounds like something worth checking out. Especially during the upcoming holidays; and keeping things within a budget entertainment-wise I know I personally will give this app a go, after all how often does an opportunity this good come?

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