Simplified Sprinter Game

Simplified Sprinter Game

Nowadays, almost all games consist of complicated game play, series installments, in-game purchases and more. It can be such a hassle especially for those who just want a relaxing game to play in their spare time. Maybe even a game that can be easily played even if you don’t have these fancy and overpriced desktop computers.happy-wheels-09-700x388[1]

How about you try the Sprinter Game? Kind of sounds sporty, right? There’s absolutely nothing complicated about this game, anyone with a computer and internet connection could play the game. It’s not connected with other players so you don’t need to be shy about not winning.

Where Can You Play the Sprinter Game?

Generally, since a browser game, you can play it on your browser. Just turn on that computer, check for a proper connection and search for the game on your browser. Personally I play it on; there are also other games there, but not the point.

You will be able to immediately see the game and when you do, then click on it. Wait a few seconds for the game to load, don’t worry because it’s really short amount of loading time.

How Does it Work?

There are only two buttons you need in order to play this game; the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard. And that’s just about it; no fancy controller, no in-game purchases, no upgrades and special trinkets.

Which One of Them is My Character?

Once you open the game, press one of the arrows to start the sprinting game. You will go up against seven other “artificial intelligence” players; there will be eight of you all in all to compete for the victory. Don’t worry, you’ll never be confused as to which of the eight avatars belong to you. It’s like a game of ‘spot the character’, your character pop out; the avatar that you control is the only one with a colored outfit out of the eight, the rest are wearing white.

How Do I Play?

Well, basically your goal is to be the first character through the finish line. You and the other characters will run through a hundred meter distance from the starting point. In order to run, you just have to press the left and right arrow keys simultaneously and as fast as you can. It may feel like your spraining your fingers, but it’ll ensure your sweet victory.

Why Does it Seem so Easy?

Any game is easy at first, that’s why no one actually loses on the first level. It will gradually get trickier and trickier to win as you progress through the levels. Each level even has a ‘theme’; don’t expect fireworks and decorations when we say ‘theme’.

Each level has a name, for example ‘school’s competition’, then you will go up against girls that run funny. And on other levels you’ll compete with only guys. Once you get past the fifth or sixth level, you need faster fingers to win.

What Makes This Game Different?

You’ll experience the full enjoyment of a game where you don’t have to pay for anything. And when you get tired, just close the browser, turn off the computer and rest; there’s no commitment to levels, avatars or anything.

Other players also won’t see if you’re placed at the bottom of the charts. Remember that you’re up against artificial intelligence and not actual people whom are also playing on their own browsers. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll enjoy these ‘simple’ browser games. We are highly recommending the Sprinter Game for all those who want a relaxing pastime aside from reading or going out.

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