Singapore Food Blog – Review About The Different Types Of Food


Singapore Food Blog – Review About The Different Types Of Food

Singapore is the beautiful city with the highest tourist attraction and one of the favorite travel destinations of the people. The food and the lifestyle of Singapore have the elements of diverse cultural background of that of Chinese, Malay, Indians and Eurasians. These people celebrate festival and cultural events in their own way and so the food is also mixture of all these elements.

There are variety of food in Singapore produced by different ethnic group such as Chinese, Italian, Indian, Spanish, Malay, Indonesian and French. The food in Singapore is a sign of diverse culture. People may have thoughts that Singapore is a boring city but you will be surprised when you look at their food culture which is colorful, influence by different nationalities and totally different types of tastes.

When we talk about the Singapore food cuisine it is mostly based on the Chinese cuisine. Singapore is a multi ethnic city so its food is also a mixture of all the cultures. Living in Singapore is not too expensive as for every type of person from student to a rich officer, for every person facilities are available according to their budget.


Cheap food in Singapore doesn’t means less costly but also tasty and delicious. You will find all the types of food local, cheap, western or Halal in different places. There are food stalls, hawkers and expensive restaurants, depends on you what you choose. You will find varieties of local food like meat, vegetables, soup, rice and noodles. If you want to eat a particular type of food you can choose Indian, Chinese and many other cuisines. There is no lack of variety of food in Singapore when it comes to eat local food. You can try the food courts and stalls to have the local food. There are many cafes and restaurants where you will find cheap food like Saveur in 14 Scotts Road, Knuckles Bistro in 212 Hougang Street 21, By the Fire in 125 East Coast Road, Idaten Udon in 23 Serangoon Central in Singapore and many more.

As a visitor if you want to try local food of Singapore than you must try some of these local dishes of Singapore such as fried carrot cake, kaya toast and soft-boiled eggs, dim sum, laksa, crabs, curry fish head. There is infinite number of local dishes in Singapore but some of these you should try if you visit Singapore.

The season is of Ramadan and in Singapore you have number of options for Halal delicacies to do your Iftaar. There are many Halal Chinese restaurant such as my Warong M2M, Mamanda, Swesen’s Singapore and Nando’s. There is Halal deserts, Halal seafood, Halal fast food, cheap Halal food in Singapore. People don’t have time to break their Iftaar in their busy schedules so they often do iftaar outside the home in some food stall or restaurant.


From the word western we come to know that the western food is the mixture of both the Italian and English cuisines. Western food is just the transfer of English and Italian food into simply local western food. Chicken chop, grilled meat, fried chicken wings, pasta, chicken spaghetti, seafood spaghetti, chicken chop; hamburgers are some of the western foods in Singapore.

To see the reviews of the different food explorer you can check online the Singapore food blog. These food blogs will give you the detailed review about the recipes, Restaurants, stalls and the food guides. You could find a list of Singapore food blog online. If you are really interested in knowing about the different types of food, cuisines, recipes, dining, than check these food blogs based on Singapore’s food culture. Also if you want to read the blog based on a particular food than there is also Halal food Singapore blog, vegetarian food blog, etc. There is no way that you can’t get the details about the different types of food in Singapore. There are so many means by which you could find the number of restaurants, review based on a particular food and restaurant, as some of these blogs are of the food explorers who travels and tastes food and visit so many places.

Don’t miss your chance to go to Singapore. Experience the amazing multi-diverse cuisine of Singapore. If you want to get the review about the Singapore’s food culture than you can check the Singapore food blog online. You should try the Singapore’s all dishes to feel the multi-diversity of this city.

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