Slim Body in only 21 days

Slim Body in only 21 days

A good body is a dream of many. By good body, one means, a fit and a slim looking body. But in today’s lifestyle, having and maintaining a healthy body is difficult. Obesity is becoming one of the major concerns. Many people who suffer from obesity, dream for a fit body and find it almost impossible to have one. From an obese figure to a slim figure, lots of effort,  time, determination and money are required.  What if someone says that you can get a good body in just 21 days??tendencias_fitness_en_2015 Yes, in 21 days, one get can a beach type body, provided strict diet and regular exercises plan that are mentioned, are followed. If you want a good looking body in just three weeks then you have to follow 21 day fix extreme routine. This extreme routine is not very extreme; it just means that you have to follow the rules strictly. Some of the rules are:Total Body Health and Fitness Yoga

  • In the 21 day fix diet, you are allowed to eat everything, but in a fix proportion. Your diet will be decided by your weight.
  • You have to do specified exercises daily, for at least half an hour. There will be bunch of exercises that you need to do. There will be a set of 6 workouts for different body parts. You can check them on the DVD of 21 day fix.

Coming to diet first, then for diet, you have to maintain seven containers of different colours. Those seven containers are:

  • Green colour container :It is for vegetables
  • Purple colour container: It is for Fruits
  • Red colour container :It should be maintained for proteins
  • Yellow colour container: This container will have carb food in it.
  • Blue colour container :It is for fats and cheese
  • Orange colour: There will be two containers of this colour and will contain dressings and seeds in proper amounts.
  • One cup for shake/ drink.

These are the containers that will be required. According to the weight and calorie requirement of your body, we will be filling the container. First let us do some calculations and find out the necessary calorie intake for your body. To find out the calorie requirement, follow the following steps:

  • Pen down your weight (in lbs).
  • Find the product of your weight with 11 and add this product with 400. The result of this calculation is the amount of calories your body need to maintain your current weight.
  • To lose the weight, you need to lessen the calorie requirement of your body. You need to set the targeted calorie. To calculate this value, subtract 750 from the above calculated calorie requirement. You will get the targeted calories value. And according to this value, your diet will be decided.

If your targeted calories lies in the range of 1200-1499, then you require three bowls of green container, 2 bowls of purple, 4 bowls of red, and one bowl of each blue and orange containers. Accordingly check your diet in the below table:

Targeted Calories Green Purple Red Yellow Blue Orange Table Spoons
1200-1499 3 2 4 2 1 1 2
1500-1799 4 3 4 3 1 1 4
1800-2099 5 3 5 4 1 1 5
2100-2300 6 4 6 4 1 1 6

So if you follow the mentioned diet plan and go by the DVD’s mentioned routine, you can have a good body in just 21 days!

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