Soccer isa sport which is played among two teams of eleven players each with a ball. It is game which is played all across the globe, making it the most popular sport in the world. Fun88 is a gaming company which offers sports betting like casinos, slots and keno games. It is a company which provides all gaming products from all over the globe. It is a site of online gambling.soccerscholarships

Soccer is also known as football. The first match of soccer was played on the Limes Field, Mortlake, London, England on 19 December 1863. It is a game played by both men and women in separate competitions. The body governing it is the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA). The oldest football tournament held was the FA cup founded by C.W. Alcock, played between the English teams.

Ebenezer Cobb Morley is known as the father of football as he was instrumental in making the change. Scotland and England played the first international football match in Glasgow under the founder ship of C.W.Alcock. Also the world’s first football league was founded by William McGregor was hosted in England. The Scottish football association has the first women’s match recorded in 1892 in Glasgow. At the time of World War 1 women soccer became popular and the best known team of that decade was Dick, Kerr’s Ladies of Preston, England.

Soccer is a game played on a rectangular ground field within an allotted time. The object of play is to put the football into the opponents goals post there by scoring the goals for once team. It is played with a spherical ball. A football match consists of two halves each of forty five minutes. There is a fifteen minutes break in between the halves. Full time is the end of the match. To play soccer there are some rules, player other than the goalkeeper is not allowed to touch the football with their hands or arms but the goalkeeper can touch the ball with his hands.

Each team has a leader or a captain who is in the coin toss selection. Dribbling, passing, shooting the ball to one’s teammates is the game’s main keys. Tackling the ball and moving forward is allowed but physical scuffling is restricted. The team consists of strikers which are also called forwards, midfielders and defenders. The striker’s job is to strike the ball and score goals. Midfielders task is to keep the ball in once possession and pass it to their forwards. Defenders job is to prevent their opponent team members from scoring the goals. The football players strike the ball with their feet and passes the ball to their teammates or they may also give a head pass. At the end of the game if the score of both the teams is equal an extra time or penalty shootouts are given depending upon the format of the tournament. The number of substitution allowed in any tournament are mainly three.

The main official in the football game is the referee who is assisted by two other assistant referees. The referee makes the soccer players follow the rules and regulations of the football game and if these are broken then the players can be given a yellow card or a red card depending upon the mistake committed by them. A yellow card is given for the misconduct behaviour of the player and the red card is given for the dismissal of the footballer. When a player is given a red card no substitute can be replaced in his place. The games laws and rules are determined and maintained by the International Football Association Board (IFAB).

Ball in play and ball out of play are the two states of play of any soccer match. If the ball becomes out of play then the game is started again by the following eight restarting methods. These are the corner kicks, goal kicks, throw in, indirect free kick, penalty kick, kick-off, dropped ball, direct free kick. There are the panel fouls such as physical scuffling, catching the ball with hands which when occurred are given a penalty kick or a direct free kick to the opponent team members depending upon where the foul occurred. The off-field fouls are doping, match fixing, fraud of age, racial abuses. The football players dress for the match is to wear the teams t-shirt, shorts, socks, shoes, guards for the feet. Also safety caps for the private parts is recommended. The players are restricted from wearing objects which can be harmful to other players such as watches, rings etc.

The major tournaments in the soccer is the World Cup which is organised by FIFA occurring every four years. 180 to 200 national teams fight it out in the qualifying tournaments to be one amongst the 32 national teams who compete for the World Cup over a period of one month. It is the most prestigious soccer tournament.  After the World Cup comes the Continental Championships played between the national teams. Some of them are the Asian Cup (AFC), OFC Nations Cup (OFC), European Championship (UEFA), Copa America (CONMEBOL), African Cup of Nations (CAF) and CONCACAF Gold Cup (CONCACAF). The winners of these Continental Championships contest the FIFA Confederations Cup. The current FIFA World Cup Champions are Germany who won the 2014 World Cup final which was held in Brazil. The coming world cup is in 2018 which will be hosted by Russia. Also the next FIFA Confederations Cup is in 2017. The top ten soccer players in the World Champions league are Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal/Real Madrid, Lionel Messi of Barcelona/Argentina, Robben of Bayern Munich/Netherland, Eden Hazard of Chelsea/Belgium, Paul Pogba of Juventus/France, Alexis Sanchez of Arsenal/Chile, Diego Costa of Chelsea/Spain, Manual Neuar of Bayern Munich/Germany, Neymar of Barcelona/Brazil, Diego Godin of Atletico Madrid/Uruguay.

Football has the highest number of fan following around the globe who wait eagerly for the tournaments to kick off. The remaining people who can’t go to the stadiums watch it with the same zeal and enthusiasm on their television sets.

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