Be a staggering Pokémon Trainer without shelling out too much real money!

Be a staggering Pokémon Trainer without shelling out too much real money!

Every Pokémon trainer understands the value of Pokeballs. Without them, how is he to even catch his Pokémons, let alone train them? A decent supply of Pokeballs is really what he needs to keep going through the game. Although he can always hit up a Pokémon shop and buy the much coveted Pokeballs if doesn’t care too much about the money, but since most of us do, we have compiled a few not too secret ways of getting your hands on some free Pokeballs.3 Before we start with the list, let us first quickly understand the kinds of Pokeballs available in the game that we can grab and their respective advantages. Other than the regular red and white Pokeballs, there are also the Great and Ultra Balls, and apparently some Master Balls too. While regular ones are what you’re gonna use the most throughout the game, the bigwigs come in handy when you’re to catch one of those annoying, elusive Pokémons. Great Balls are said to have a 50 percent higher chance of catching the notoriously evasive Pokémons as against a shattering 100% of the rightfully named, Ultra Balls.005_maxresdefault

Some pointers to stack some free Pokeballs through the game while you’re at it.

  1. Start a fresh game – You get a set of free Pokeballs when you begin a new game, after you’ve set up your trainer character, to give you the necessary headstart. These are, though, almost always used up trying to catch your very first Pokémon.
  2. Level up – When you rise in level as you acquire enough XP, Pokémon Go hands you a bag of some attractive goodies in the form of bonus. This sundry fun pack almost always also includes a good supply of new Pokeballs so you’re sufficiently armed as you advance along the game.
  3. Pay Pokestop a call – Pokestop lets you pile up all the useful paraphernalia to help you stay ahead in the game. You can always hit up your Pokestop every couple of minutes to keep stacking up your gadget supply. Moreover, if you’re in an advanced stage, you get a pretty high-end gear from the Pokestop. Meaning, you stand a fair chance of actually laying your hands on the much panted after, Great and Ultra Balls.
  4. Defend a gym – When you successfully defend a gym in the game, Pokémon Go rewards you with a “Defender Bonus” which is collectible every 20 yours. The Defender Bonus comprises of 500 stardust and 10 Poke coins for your every Pokémon standing and for defending the gym. These free Poke coins can procure you Pokeballs without having to spend a single penny for them. Great, isn’t it?
  5. Try the Google Opinion Rewards trick – This simple, loner trick, well not really a trick, involves you to sign up and complete a survey by Google and in turn, get rewarded in the form of Google Play Credits that you can trade in for Poke coins in the game. Once you’ve grabbed hold of Poke coins, you can very easily use them to buy yourself some free Pokeballs. All too fun, isn’t it?

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