Steeping The E-Liquid

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Steeping The E-Liquid

The steeping process is quite similar to letting the wine age for sometime in order to improve the flavour. When it comes to steeping, there are many ways to doing it. However, to obtain an e-liquid which excels in flavour, there are two main things that you need to have- patience and experimentation skill. There are five basic components that are present in the e-liquid namely PG, VG, nicotine, water and alcohol flavour. Once the e-liquid is made, it is stored for a period of time during when the components that are denser will start to sink to the bottle’s bottom. During the steeping process, the bottle is shaken well and then e juice

When must the e-liquid be steeped?

The basic aim of steeping process is to improve the flavour of the e-juice before vaping. However, if you are satisfied with the vapour’s flavour, then you can continue to vape as soon as you buy. The process of steeping will definitely add to the flavour of the e-liquid and increase the hit against your throat. So, if you are stuck with a vapour that you are not quite fond of, or you just like to experiment with the e-liquid flavour, then you can steep the e-liquid to see if the new flavour is to your liking.

Slow Steeping

To steep your e-liquid in the right manner, a lot of patience is required and the best method of steeping would be to keep the e-liquid for a long time and then use it. The following are the steps that are involved in making the e-liquid steep:

  • STEP 1: E-juices are generally very viscous and the bottle has to be shaken vigorously.
  • STEP 2: It is best to store the e-liquid in a cool and dark place as exposure to light will affect the flavour in an undesirable manner.
  • STEP 3: Wait for a period of one week and then shake the bottle well. Repeat this process on a weekly basis for a couple of weeks. If you are still unhappy with the flavour that you have obtained, you can further let it sit for many more weeks till you are satisfied.

What is the result of Steeping?

Steeping of the e-liquid will result in a change in the flavour of the e-liquid to a deeper and smoother taste. Sometimes, the process of steeping might also result in giving the e-liquid a change in the colour due to the variation in nicotine’s oxidation e juice

E-cigs work with the help of atomizers which are used to vaporize the e-liquid. You can get cheap e liquid online or at the store and there are also a range of coupons available that you can use while buying the e-juice. E-cigarettes are a good way to initiate an end to smoking. Moreover, it is also very safe when compared with the traditional pipe and tobacco usage. A 0% nicotine level e-liquid is used by people who are still addicted to the aspect of smoking rather than the actual smoking hit on the throat.

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