A Step By Step Guide For Growing Marijuana


A Step By Step Guide For Growing Marijuana

Marijuana comes from a plant called Cannabis Sativa. Tetrahydrocannabinol also known as THC is the main component in marijuana which is responsible for the effects it has on us. It is a cannabinoid and acts on the cannabinoid receptors in our brain.

Growing marijuana is not hard if all the steps are followed according to this marijuana grow guide. Before you start growing marijuana you need to decide few things like the space where you are going to grow it, how much yield you want from the plants and your budget for it. It just requires few minutes of care everyday for you to be able to grow marijuana. We are listing few things that are important for proper growth of marijuana plants.

  • Air

The air in the room should be cool and the room should be well ventilated. The plants need a Breeze and fresh air continuously. You can also use filters for the exhaust fans so that the odor gets removed from the air.

  • Light

Marijuana plants require high intensity lights which can match the effects of sun for proper growth. The more powerful the light is the better yield you will get.


  • Temperature

The temperature should be kept between 24-degree to 30-degree celsius in the room. Lower  temperature than that will slow  the growth of the plants and higher temperature can cause the plants to sag.

  • Nutrients

Nutrients are available in market for marijuana plants that you can add into the water that you supply to the plants.

Once leaves start growing on the plants, that is the start of vegetative stage. During this stage the room temperature should be between 24-degree to 30-degree celsius. The plants should be given 18-24 hours of light in this stage. Next comes the flowering stage. This is the stage where buds start to grow. In this stage you need to change the amount of light given to only 12 hours per day. You also need to find male plants and remove them.


To avoid this step you can also buy only feminised seeds and grow them. Instead of having to get rid of male plants you won’t have to do anything with the feminised seeds as all the plants will be female plants. The reason for wanting only female plants is because they are the only one’s who make buds. To identify which plants are female, you can look at plants with white hairs at the top branch joints. The plants with these white hairs are female plants and those who don’t have the white hairs are male plants.

The harvest phase comes when the white hairs have stopped growing and start darkening. After cutting the buds you need to hang them upside down in a cool and a dark room with proper ventilation for them to dry out. After the buds have dried you need to put them in mason jars. Don’t fill up to the top and leave some space for air. This is the last step. For two weeks open the jar once daily for some air to pass into the jar and make sure that it isn’t moist.

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