Types Of Nec Business Phones


Types Of Nec Business Phones

NEC has what you and your business may need. But what are the types of telephones you can invest on? In this article, we show you all about NEC business phones and what they will be able to do for you and your company in the long run!

Types of NEC Business Phones

There is not only a desktop phone when it comes to business, but many different types as well that you will be able to fully utilize! Here are the different types of NEC business phones you can check out:

  • Desktop Phones

These are your typical business phones set on your desk with many features such as getting call history, contacting people for customer service or other needs around the company, as well as ease of communication.

  • Wireless Phones

These are phones that are perfect for professionals on-the-go. These mobile handsets will have you be able to communicate with anyone anytime and anywhere. They are the smaller and hand-carry version of desktop phones.


  • Soft Phones

Soft phones are either pluggable to your computer or can be brought around. It can also be in the form of applications where you can handle call history, track calls, and even record calls for easier communicating.

  • Door Phones

These are great for offices to ensure protection, letting you know who goes in before actually letting them inside your company office. You are able to monitor them visually, with your security and protection increasing.

  • Attendant Consoles

This is very beneficial for ultimate customer support. With an attendant console, you won’t need to worry about misdirecting calls or accidentally hanging up the call. You can easily contact and communicate with clients with this unit.


  • Voice Conference and Recording

If you are unable to attend the meeting, then you will be able to still participate through voice conferences. You and your whole team can talk through phone, all at the same time. Not only that, but you can track the time and minutes through recording the whole meeting, so you won’t need to worry about inaccuracy of information.

In Conclusion

You will be able to purchase any NEC business phone online or in your local stores, where they hold the different models you can search on to find the best one suitable for your and your business. So what are you waiting for? Check out what these NEC business phones have to offer!

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