Using IMIE In Locating Your Iphone

Find iphone by imei

Using IMIE In Locating Your Iphone

Before everything else, just a quick background check on IMEI and what exactly is it. So basically IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity, it is composed of 15 or 17 digit codes which are unique to each and every mobile sets. The IMEI code enables a Global System for Mobile Communication or Universal Mobile Telecommunications Service network; it helps prevent stolen or misplaced phones from making calls. If you got the idea ‘Oh, I can encontrar iphone por imei’ then you are right, there are actually ways in which IMEI can help with phone recovery.Find iphone by imei

Using IMEI for Phone Location

For those with missing iPhones, you have to retrieve a copy of your IMEI; it’s location on the phone’s box, the very one it was placed in during purchase. Once you have successfully retrieved a copy of the IMEI, you can file an immediate complaint citing theft or lost as the basis. You will submit the complaint to the nearest police station. A copy of the FIR alongside the IMEI number will be passed to your network provider. Find iphone by imeiOf course they will ask a few questions and require certain documents to verify that the missing phone is yours, once compete the device will be blocked. It’s blocked by adding it the device and number to the list of ‘Blacklisted’.

In case the person who took or found the phone changed the SIM, it will still remain unusable at any cost. They won’t even be able to start the phone, as long as this method is successfully implemented. Take precautionary steps, by now you should already have a record of the IMEI number stored somewhere safe in case your phone gets stolen or lost. A phone that remains unusable at any cost has a higher chance of being returned.

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