Venice- A Place To Visit


Venice- A Place To Visit

Venice is the capital of northern Italy Veneto region.  It is located in the Venetian lagoon, the lagoon and the city are listed as world heritage site. There are no roadways, only waterways all around. It is also surrounded by islands.

Things to do in Venice

There are many things to do in Venice such as festival visit carnival of Venice in which Venetian masks are worn. It is the world’s largest and most famous mask party. The Venice biennale is also an important event. One can go for sightseeing the city’s beautiful waterways in a gondola. One can also go down the Grand Canal in a vaporetto, the waterbus. There are some free places to see in Venice biennale of architecture , casino venier also snails staircase that is Scala contarini del bovolo. Also there are many churches to see, some of them are ‘’Chiesa di SantaMariaAssunta’’, one of the favourite churches of venetians is the SantaMariaDella salute.


Also one can visit orsoni colour library which has the only working glass furnace which produces glass mosaics and gold leaf which has been used in some of the world’s most famous buildings.

One can also visit the cemetery like ‘’San Michele’’. No one likes to visit a hospital but Venice’s hospitals are one to be seen like‘’Ospedale Civile’’. Venice has the island of ‘’San Giorgio’’ from where the best views of Venice can be seen with the naked eye.

Venice has the most precious paint art done by grand masters like ‘’titian, Canaletto’’ etc. From the ‘’Campanile’’ which is the tallest building of Venice, entire view of the city can be seen. Also one can try to taste the traditional Venetian cuisine such as ‘’Oca in onto’’, fresh water lagoon fish done in saor at ‘’Antica Adelaide’’.


You can also try the seafood of Venice, from the stalls of Rialto and Chioggia markets. Try to go on a secret wine tour. Venice houses its own specialities: the Ombra and the Spritz which are wines. One can also experience the orchestra like Venice Baroque and the orchestra of ‘’la fenice’’ which are some of the best in the country. Venice with all its distinctive features is a must watch place.

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