Weekends With Golf Sydney


Weekends With Golf Sydney

There is a lot of feeling of sportiness, enthusiasm, cheer and also of fun, as far as any sport is concerned. But the charisma and essence of playing the sport of Golf, is unique in its own way. Golf is generally considered as a sport of billionaires, and people with big pockets. However, if you live in Sydney, or are in Sydney for a vacation, do not miss the fun and experience of playing this amazing sport at the golf courses in this awesome city of Sydney.

Be it as young as a teenager, or as old as 65 year old person, if you are interested in playing Golf, Sydney has a special variety of unique Golf courses across its reach. The location of this city, the lushness of the greenery of the grass and trees across this city, are some of the factors that make Sydney, a perfect location for golfing. The half-sunny, half-cloudy climate also adds an essence to the game play. There are about more than 15 golf courses in Sydney,


each having its own uniqueness and provide the best golfing experience one ever had. The famous Sydney Golf Academy is situated across the lands of Moore Park Golf Course, at Centennial Parklands which is an 18 hole course and provides the best Golf gameplay. They provide an offer called “Practice and Play” which provides a full bucket of 55 golf balls, access to the golf course and also they provide a complimentary “Moore Park Golf Ball”. All of these by paying just $49 make this offer a great deal and good value for money.

Another famous golf course is the one which is situated near Sydney Airport, known as EastLake Golf Course, which is well known for the beautiful scene of city skyline one can experience. However unlike many, this golf club is not a private club and is accessible to any member and community. The club is situated at the city’s Botany Wetlands, which also gives an experience of playing in a natural course. The club also provides services like beverages and bar, and a variety of great food options available. They provide cart, bucket of golf balls and all 18 holes of golf, with a hamburger and a drink all for just $49.50 which is better value of money than the previous one.


There are many more Golf courses across the city which provides a lot of services like hotels and motels, shopping malls, restaurants and bars, and a lot more. Other names which are quite known for their awesome scenic experience while playing Golf are Royal Sydney Golf Club, Golf in the City, Golf mart, Cammeray Golf club etc. Whatever may be the place, the city assures its visitors and also inhabitants, that it will provide the best ever golf experience to them which is unique in its own way, especially the geographical conditions supporting the game play. So do remember to play the amazing sport of golf whenever opportunity knocks, with Golf Sydney.

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