What We Think About Buymeapie

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What We Think About Buymeapie

So you are going to the grocery store to buy bread as your mom told, and while you are in the store, your mom just remembered that she needed to buy some lemons as some guests just announced that they would be visiting. Your mom called you, buy you are driving back and you would never drive and use the phone. There is a lot of confusion.shopping listSo that is buymeapie comes to the scene. With this application, you can create a group and add other users to the group to update items that are needed. The application is available for both android and iOS users and is also accessible through their official website. When you log into your account, you can see your group with other member and at the top, the list of things that you have to buy.

Most of the items such as hardware and groceries are preloaded and you only need to select them. Other items can be manually typed and added by the users. Once an item is bought you have the option to cut them off. All the items that are cut off mean that they have been bought and will go to the bottom of the screen. The products that are added can be encoded with different colors. Each color can be assigned to each member of the group which means that he is in charge to buy that product.shopping list


  1. Supports 27 languages.

2.The easy and friendly user interface.

  1. Accessible anywhere and anytime and only needs WiFi or internet service.
  2. Free version with limited features is available free of cost. Pro version costs as low as $3.

5.Supports multiple platforms.


  1. Does not have the feature to mention the number of items that have been of a particular request. But the future versions seems to be promising and is expected to resolve this issue.

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