How Yoga Grew And Yoga Teacher Training Review


How Yoga Grew And Yoga Teacher Training Review

Yoga is a Sanskrit word which is derived form an ancient Indian culture which includes philosophy religion and is a spiritual, mental and physical practice or discipline.

All types of yoga’s are not fit to all. Different types of yoga’s are there for different age groups,genders. The body of the 20 year old young and 70 year old man possess different types of it’s better to work under best guidance. But the main concern of the people is from where to start or when to start.


  1. HATHA:

In Sanskrit hatha actually considered as the yoga that explains the physical positions.

Hatta is for the basic newbie where we have to hold our breath for different slow poses of body. The classes of hatha are considered as the temperament or tender character of the yoga.


It is an active practice which has a continuous flow of connection between the breath and moment just like a many of these classes we won’t spent a more time in same pose, some have to prepare to rise the heartbeat. As it is continuous most of the yoga mentors paly the related music which syncs with the poses of sequence. Runners and athletes mostly practices this type of yoga because of the sustained moments.


Let us now discuss about the yoga teacher training reviews

Yoga teacher Karamgeet Singh:

Yogacharya Karamgeet Singh grew proficiency after a careful practice of yoga. He made the consults related to yoga and make impulse to follow it. Being from the yogic Hindu religious family he was developed with the goodness of it.His parents are also the yogic teachers.He used to learn yoga from his parents since childhood and became perfect in bhakti yoga and hatha yoga. He has a very good knowledge in yoga practice, therapy, and philosophy. He mainly teaches his students under him, how to purify, heal and harmonize the five sheaths of overcome, existence, mental and physical pain, sufferings and sorrow of humanity.

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