Your Guide To Vaping!

Your Guide To Vaping!

Ever heard of a vaporizers shop? If you aren’t familiar with the term, let me clue you in on it. But before going into the details, let us touch upon a related topic. Smoking is like a toxic weed that has taken root deep into our society and it has given birth to a multitude of health issues, most of which affect the throat and respiratory system. In fact, it is known to be an active participant towards causing cancer among unsuspecting smokers who indulge in this for recreation and other purposes. Smoking is a highly detrimental activity and has innumerable undesirable effects and this is why it has to be curbed at the earliest. However, it happens to be highly addictive which is why there are a number of rehabs and self-help books which are dedicated to the cause of helping smokers quit. Some methods are more effective than others but usually, depriving the body of nicotine all of a sudden can backfire due to the presence of withdrawal symptoms. Keeping this in mind, one has to adopt an option which acts as a substitute but is less harmful. And the perfect match to this requirement happens to be vaping!

What is vaping?

Vaping is basically a tobacco-free version of smoking and it involves inhaling flavored liquid vapor through a vaporizer. It replicates the feeling of smoking because the vapor inhaled comes from the heated liquid and it sends the nicotine hit that smokers so desperately crave. Being the brainchild of a Chinese chemist Hon Lik, vaping climbed the ladders of popularity remarkably fast. The vaporizer has a unique construction and it consists of a battery, a tube, a cartridge to hold the liquid, an atomizer to heat it and the e-liquid itself.


These vaporizers are available at vaporizers’ shops on the internet for extremely nominal prices. The liquid consists of vegetable glycerine, variable amounts of nicotine and flavoring. The nicotine strengths can vary from zero to 24 mg and it is the personal discretion of the user to choose this concentration. Another factor that is alluring is the fact that the liquid used is flavoured with a number of ingredients which give rise to exotic and unique flavours. Cinnamon, vanilla, cotton candy, raspberry, caramel cheesecake; the list of flavours is endless.

Advantages of vaping over smoking:

Apart from reducing the chances of cancer drastically, vaping also ensures that a number of other disadvantages of smoking are eliminated. One can bid goodbye to bad breath as well as cigarette burns and encountering a dirty ashtray becomes absolutely redundant. Vaping is also light on the pocket in the long run whereas cigarettes are a long-term investment. But most importantly, this gives smokers the hope to quit a life-threatening habit like smoking. Many have tried and failed, but vaping is more effective due to the fact that the smokers have a substitute to their aid when the urge gets out of hand.

Is vaping safe and legal?

However, the question to be asked is whether vaping is legal or not. The act of smoking is scorned by many but this is not the case with vaping. It is legal in almost every country but one must take care to abide by the basic etiquette. The latest models of the vaporizers also allow a person to carry it around freely and this feature has opened the gates to more flexible vaping that can be done anytime, anywhere.


But the real pressing issue at hand is the safety of this activity. The primary purpose for its invention was to reduce the health risks of smoking, but what about other adverse effects? Due to its relatively recent conception, the long term effects of vaping are unknown. However, even though the liquid contains nicotine, it does not have tobacco, which means that the heart and arteries are shielded from any danger. The presence of flames and fire is completely eliminated and the social stigma which accompanies smoking is also gone.

Cigarette butts is a distant sight due to vaping and the hope to live a healthier life is reignited in every smoker’s life. Quitting smoking can seem like a Herculean task, but if approached correctly, it can be achieved too. Vaping is the new, healthier alternative and it has the potential to undo the knots of disease and affliction that smoking has inflicted on our society. After all, a full-grown weed cannot be uprooted at once, it needs to be removed little by little, until one day, we end up with the original healthy and beautiful garden!

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